im thinking of what sarah said... (dreamlessmuse) wrote in thequestionclub,
im thinking of what sarah said...

Moving Woes.

I'm living in NC, and was recently offered a job as a lead pastry chef at a new restaurant concept in Seymour, TN (near Knoxville/Pigeon Forge area).

I'm starting my job next Monday, and since it is such short notice, I'm looking to find some sort of Extended Stay hotel scenario where I can rent a room for a month until my boyfriend can join me and we can get our own place.

My mother seems to think we can find a decent rate (ex. $150/week or around that) because that area is not in tourist season right now. Everything that I've looked at so far seems to dispute that claim.

Do any of you have experience with moving on short notice, or could offer some tips on how to figure all this out? Is my mother crazy? Am I crazy for trying to move my life in a week? Srs and non srs welcome (though I could really use the help).

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