RoxAnne (sandrasolaria) wrote in thequestionclub,

My hips and knees are terrible from a lifetime of carrying what amounts to three people on them, so I have a hard time wanting to exercise. My friend has a treadmill and three times a week I babysit for her. How should I start using the treadmill to maximize the exercise without hurting myself? Like, two 5 minute walks at 3mph?

I don't want to run or jog on it because that seriously hurts and I'm so uncoordinated I'm afraid I'll go zooming off.

People with asthma, how do you exercise without causing an attack? I just went for 5 minutes at 2.5mph and I had to use my inhaler.

What's on your workout playlist?

And finally, how do I get my parents to leave me alone about stuff like this? They want to talk about it and it just makes my skin crawl when they try to 'encourage' me to lose weight. I just want to do this without them bugging me.
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