Nena Mata Hari (lijepanena) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nena Mata Hari

More about meanies

"jezemel brought up something good in my post about mean people who are shitty to those who are kind to them. It was one of those people who say that they're assholes like it's a badge of honor who had told me that being kind is overrated and that most people just like to be treated like shit any way.

bbsy adds to this by talking about people who "can't really be your friend unless you show them your claws when they poke you."

I consider both type of people mentioned above as contemptible human beings that I would have nothing to do with. You can't trust somebody like that. Somebody who decides they'd only be your friend if you berate them after them poking at you will stab you in the back sooner or later. It's a given fact. I've dealt with somebody like that before. When they stabbed me in the back and I confronted them, they tried to place the blame all on me when they KNEW that it was unethical behavior. So now I just don't even deal with those people. If somebody wants to be my friend, they treat me with kindness and they don't play idiotic games. I have no time for that kind of bullshit.

Any way.

Why are they like that?

Why do they brag about being assholes and act like it's a badge of honor?

Why do they pick on others as a test for friendship?

Absolutely none of that behavior makes sense to me.
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