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Music and appearance.

I was thinking about how people's (especially young-ish people) style of dress, corresponds with or is associated with them listening to a certain type of music (indie/emo kids, goths, punk rockers etc).

But what about 'ordinarily' dressed people? The average, everyday, person - do you judge them as having certain musical proclivities, or do you simply not associate them with music at all?

What clothing style/music taste stereotypes do you have?

At first glance, I know I see converse, black hair and tight jeans (or is it baggy jeans now? My fashion knowledge is lacking) and think 'indie', or the guy walking past with baggy everything and a slouched, staggered stride and feel the rap/hip hop vibe. Sure on the second thought I dismiss my assumptions, but they're there. But when I try and pinpoint (or stereotype) say, the bus driver (an ordinary-looking middle-aged guy),or the 40ish woman behind the shop till, or business-people, then I draw a blank.

And really, these questions are really a front for my main one, which has been annoying me for a while, after some people expressed an inordinate amount of surprise during a music-related conversation.

Based on appearance, what music (if any) would you say I listened to?

Pretty much what I wear everyday. (With about three less layers under my cardigan. Christmas Day was bloody cold.) Also, I don't if it's clear from the crappy picture, but I have 'tanned skin' (half-Indian).
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