C3P0 Cris (cr1stina) wrote in thequestionclub,
C3P0 Cris

Tenancy Issue

What's the correct procedure to follow if, once you've moved out of an apartment completely ad cleaned, and then the landlord suddenly becomes unavailable? My boyfriend has vacated a less than desirable living situation, and he has moved out completely. He has tried calling the landlord for 3 days now to turn in his keys and do the final out inspection, and she won't answer he phone, return his calls, or respond even to the letter that was mailed both regular and certified mail.

Is it acceptable LEGALLY at this point to just drop off the keys at the unit (the other tenant is remaining, and is the son of the landlord) with a letter indicating his numerous attempts to set up a final out appt?? Will this end his obligation?? Or does he HAVE to make contact with the landlord directly??

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