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Ok. I'm supposed to write a speech to deliver on Friday, and it is to be 1 minute long, and on any subject of my choice. The only thing it needs to include are those stylistic devices such as alliteration and antimetabole and all those good things. And I must persuade, because it's a persuasive speech.

And my english teacher has a habit of singling me out, because I'm quiet and therefore easy prey, I guess. So every class since assigning this he has been asking me what I'm speaking about. I, naturally, have no idea. He suggested me talking about why I should write a speech, but I am too proud to take a topic that he gave me, plus someone else in my class decided to steal it already by arguing why he shouldn't have to make a speech. I want something that might get him off my back about participation, and that's different enough to somewhat stand out, but I can't think of a single thing. Not a single thing.

Anyone have any ideas? Anything at all really, I need some sort of inspiration..
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