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What are these called?

I saw one of these machines at a thrift store yesterday. I wanted to find out more about them online, but couldn't really find the words to describe it. Google searches for "big ass stand up strap in vibrator thing maybe kind of dangerous?" turned up nothing.

There's a platform, you stand on it, up from the plateform stands a pole with a big electric motor on it. You strap yourself to it, turn it on, and it jiggles your midsection violently. Like so:

I gave it a shot at the store. It was scary. But strangely satisfying. That's me in the picture. I was wearing a shirt and shoes though. And I don't have a mullet. Yet.

So the question is: What are these things called? Should I have bought it for $40? Will I die now that I've used it? Thank you.
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