Kellie (efiltaeluri) wrote in thequestionclub,

a while ago, i had a pretty intense relationship (as in, we were TERRIBLE for each other so the highs were SO high and the lows fucking sucked) with someone and we're no longer friends. we both have our own set of health/mental problems and i really thought she understood me in that area.

the other day, i came across a profile on a social networking site that, after some investigation, i know is her. here, she badmouthed me, spread rumors about me and worst of all, criticized me for something that, because of this health problem, i can't help. i KNOW that it shouldn't bother me since she's ancient history, but it still hurts so bad to know that she thinks that about me, especially since i thought she was cool about it. what do i do, TQC? i feel awful and i just want to cry.

dk/dc: what's the last soup that you made? i'm making baked potato soup right now and i'm pretty excited for it.

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