semi~sweet (semi_sweet) wrote in thequestionclub,

EDITED TO ADD: 0. I recently realized that SBC is no longer charging me for my DSL service. It should be $26/month but that haven't charged me since August. I moved to a new apartment in June, and switched the service and sometime after that they took it off the bill.

Should I tell them and start paying, or just not say anything (which I worry they are sending the bills elsewhere and it might end up in collections or something?)

1. If you're from the US, how much do girl scout cookies cost in your area?

2. If you work somewhere like Old Navy, do you have to wear clothes from that store while you are working? If so, do they have to be from the current season, or will a few years old work?

3. If a job applications asks whether you always tell the truth, do you say yes?

4. What's your favorite way to prepare tofu? (assuming you like it, of course)
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