Kat (house_of_bone) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) What's the last thing you yelled "damn it" (or similar expression) about?

ETA: 2) What time do you go to bed on most weeknights? (I think I might have asked this before, but I'm curious and forgetful)

ETA: 3) How do you prefer to spell "damn it"? Personally, I like "dammit" because that makes it look more like it sounds.

1) I had my arms full of fresh-out-of-the-dryer towels and suddenly my nose felt like it was bleeding. So I tilted my head back, ran to the linen closet to put the towels in without bleeding on them, and almost tripped and fell on the way there. I chucked the towels into the closet, brought my hand up to my nose, and realized it wasn't bleeding at all. It had just started to run a bit for no particular reason.

2) About 4am. Hubby works until 1am so our schedule is kinda screwed.
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