Kermit the Frog (slice_it_open) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kermit the Frog

1. i know everyone is sick of myspace questions, but this is the only place that i know of where i could get it answered quickly. someone i know added me, but on the friend request manager it shows her picture and *her name* wants to be your friend! but theres no buttons underneath. when i click to go to her profile, it just says sorry, this profile is undergoing routine maintenance. how can i fix this, or if i cant, what is causing this?

2.when youre walking in a public place and youre talking about another person, do you worry that they or someone they know will hear you? even if they live far away/there aren't many people there/youre not saying anything bad?

3. is there anything i can do to make my lymph nodes stop swelling? they hurt like a beeswax and theyre sticking out from the sides of my neck, and although im not big on making myself look pretty...its kinda bad when even i get disgusted looking in the mirror. and sleeping on my side is not comfortable at all...which is a problem because thats the only way i can fall asleep. i went to two different doctors and they said that it wasnt strep or mono, that it was just a virus and i had to wait it out.

4. i have three classes tomorrow. 830-945, 10-1115, and 230-345. this cold has made me wicked tired, and ive already fallen asleep in my 10 o clock class once, and i dont want it to happpen again. so, if it takes me about 45 mins to do the homework for each class, should i:
A. do 830/10 homework, take a shower, sleep, and do the 230 homework in between 1115 and 230?
B. do all the homework, sleep, take a shower, and nap in the break?
C. do 830/10 homework, sleep, and do the 230 homework and the shower during the break? (this means not much time will be spent on either, since i have to eat in there too)
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