Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

does the -se prefix suffix (! I had it before! my fingers typed it wrong!) just fuck things up in your mind now? in astronomy class today, we covered gamma ray bursts, originally found by the BATSE satellite system... and my brain went batse-goatse-aghbleachplease.

Sometimes I'll scratch my head, and my fingernails will happen upon what totally appears(when i scratch it loose and examine it) to be a nit, as if i had lice... except i don't have lice, and haven't for a long time. I can sortof smoosh/cut it open with a fingernail, but there's not really anything to help identify it inside... just white cruddy stuff. What is that?

Lets say ou have a stressfulday coming down the pipe, that requires you to be three places at once and meet two deadlines ten minutes apart(in different places)... how do you ward off the ulcer?
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