lonely for a place i've never been (disguisedasme) wrote in thequestionclub,
lonely for a place i've never been

Okay it seems to have been pretty well established that my ex boyfriend accessed my LJ to see if I had written anything private about him (I had). What I am trying to figure out now is whether he is trying to get into my email as well.

I've been changing all my passwords to everything. Soon after I changed my password for my email, I received 2 emails stating that I had requested to reset my password by email (I had not). I wasn't having any problem getting on my email from my laptop, but I tried from my desktop at home and it said that I had tried too many times to get into my account or that someone was trying to get into my account. I was confused, because I'd had no problems with my laptop, and I know for certain that nothing had happened at home since only my parents are there and they have absolutely no reason to try and access my email. So, my question is, if someone from a different computer tries to access my account and is unsuccessful enough times for hotmail to get suspicious (so to speak), will that show up on every computer I try to access my email from or just the computer where all the unsucessful attempts had occurred? (If so it must have happened in the interim from the last time I had checked my email on my laptop and when I checked it with the desktop.)
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