ez (chungguksaram) wrote in thequestionclub,

so as you may or may not know, a while ago i was seeing this guy. we had to break it off because i moved away. however, we kept in touch and flirted like crazy, and i recently moved back. and then BAM he decides he's not interested in me anymore. ACTUALLY, he decided he wasn't interested in me a while ago, but led me on and only just decided to come clean. (obvi leaving out some details but you know, long story short) TQC, THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN:
WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET REVENGE??? my friend suggested outing him to his parents but i don't think i'm quite evil enough to do that (plus, he'll probably know it was me).
or conversely will you put together a break-up playlist (even though this technically isn't a break-up IT'S CLOSE ENOUGH THO)?

eta i'm not being serious re: revenge, i just want some entertaining ideas
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