Programmed Cell-Death since 1991 (apoptosome) wrote in thequestionclub,
Programmed Cell-Death since 1991

Hay TQC:

What brands of foundation and powder do you use for your regular make up needs? I'm thinking specifically brands that would be found at a drug store--designer brands are great for special occasions and all but I'm looking for something that's more realistic for a student like myself to buy on the regs.

Right now I'm using liquid clean by Covergirl, which has been working out fine for me, but in general I think it's not very good with covering up dark circles, which is my major complexion issue. In order to cover them I have to generally use a lot, which makes me look overly made up, which I definitely want to avoid. The powder I use is from Rimmel and it's generally okay, I suppose, but I'm interested to see if anyone has any better powder's they'd recommend.

My goal as far as regular make up is concerned is to look as natural as possible while covering my nasty eye circles.

Also if anyone can recommend a cream or something that has worked really well in reducing the darkness of eye circles that would be fab as well.

Gracias in advance!
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