12345678nine (12345678nine) wrote in thequestionclub,

So tonight I am stuck with no pots and pans.
My boy is headed up to the grocery store, and I have to figure out what I can eat for dinner that will go straight in the stove.
Also, no microwave.

I am thinking bagel bites, because that sounds delicious, BUT I also want some sort of veggie/something healthyish to go with it.

Question-AT your typical Publix is there something in like the frozen section that is healthyish that I can stick straight in the oven? I only have a flat pan to cook on.

Also, I have no fridge either so I don't want to get fresh veggies that will just go bad plus condiments that would go bad.

Everything that is coming to mind is those bags you put in the microwave. But I have no microwave and I will not be at the store to look.
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