Captain Crotch Rot (attacking) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain Crotch Rot

Herro TQC! There is (or was) an LJ community that was specifically for authors who needed to ask questions or fact-check obscure details in their stories. The comm was called "little details" or something like that. I've been searching forever and I cannot fucking find it. Does anyone know what community this is, or can you point me to a similar one?

So let's say I'm lost in the middle of a forest (hypothetically) and I want to light some shit on fire. Specifically I want to light it by using a variation of the "flint and tinder" method, by striking something against a large, rough rock hard enough to make sparks. What item could I possibly use for this job that you might find in the average person's toolbox? The catch is that the item used to start the fire also has to double as a makeshift weapon (like a box cutter, for example, but I don't think you could use a box cutter to start a fire).

What item could I possibly use? Or, if I had a small rock and a Swiss Army knife, could I strike the file against a rock and make fire? Please help, TQC. I don't want to die in the woods without any fire.

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