Buckets of moonbeams in my hand (kmeghan) wrote in thequestionclub,
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annoying things

One, I had to sit through a long ass commercial about a cough medicine, and then avoid a rollover ad for freaking Wonder bread on the LJ site. Has this happened to you? Usually I can just X out of it!

Second - I am looking for a mug or teacup with a cute little animal in the bottom... I've looked on etsy, and found one, but the person made a big deal about saying "I sign everything with (name) and John 3:16". This annoys me, and I can't buy it because of it. It would piss me off every time I used it. Is this wrong of me? Do things like that annoy you? There's no way I'd ask her not to, it's what she believes in, but I sort of want to say 'hey, you lost a customer because of it'. Oh well.

(bonus- do you know of any places that sell or make mugs with animals in them? Like this in the link)


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