researchme (researchme) wrote in thequestionclub,

cell phone plan question/opinion
currently i pay around $116 per month for my blackberry curve.  it has 400 daytime/evening minutes, evening after 7 and weekends free
internet access and bbm and all that.  unlimited text. caller id, answering machine, so on etc
i'm on a 3 year contract, with about 18 months left on it.

i used it a lot for my other job i had, but i'm not currently at that job anymore, so my usage had gone done significantly.
also i recently broke up with my ex, and all his numbers, friends, family are on my phone.  (i know i could delete them, but its hard for me) not to mention the netowork is not that great, i always have dropped calls etc.

i'm thinking either to get another phone with a significantly cheaper plan, with less minutes possibly.  whatever the plan will be, it'll be less than $116. and keep my phone for the rest of the 18 months but change my plan from 116, to the bare minimum plan my provider has. instead of paying the ridiculous fee of bailing on my contract. (which is like 400-500 dollars)

is this dumb?  should i just suck it up and stick out my current phone contract?

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