Nick Sandwhich (dream_sandwhich) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nick Sandwhich

Starting My Own Blog Questions

How do I start a blog with sketchy ads like this?

How do I get those ads on my blog and get paid for it? Do I have to have my own web address like they do? I want to use Blogger and AdSense but I want to post a lot of public domain pictures at once in different posts of of celebrities and cartoons and stuff (the kind of shit I find online or happen to take myself that I make sure I can use). I have my own comics, writing, and other ideas for original content but I wanted to start start real minimally with collected pictures, and light content to lower suck factor -- therefore, not sure if AdSense will work because of too many pictures at once (even comics I drew could be counted as pictures by them now that I think about it).

Please and thank you!

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