jess (jessiac) wrote in thequestionclub,

So there's this girl, who's your friend. She's a very nice girl. She's just ever-so-slightly clingy. Like, you'll be walking along to the computer room, you'll bump into her in the corridor, ask you where you're going, and then proceed to come with you. She won't use the computers or anything. She'll just sit there and watch you. Then she'll cling to you like a stubborn spot for the rest of lunch hour. I've tried subtle hints. I've tried ignoring her. I'm just worried that I'm the only friend she's got - no wonder, if this is how she treats everyone she considers a friend.

How does one go about telling this girl, that whilst you're flattered she feels the need to follow you around all day, you really do not appreciate it? How do I tell her that her behaviour is creepy and yet somehow manage to not hurt her too badly? This post is inspired by the last one, in some measure.

We never meet up outside of school, although she did used to have a bothersome habit of using me as her homework diary and calling me every Sunday to check she's done her coursework. I feel slightly indebted towards her as I once left my History coursework questions at school and she faxed them too me. Not that she ever let me forget that.
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