davezary (davezary) wrote in thequestionclub,

vegas? no vegas?

I used to gamble a fair amount, and as a result I've wound up on the marketing list for basically every other casino on Earth. I haven't gone to a casino in over a year (I'm not a crackhead gambling addict or anything, it's just a serious passion of mine -- right up there with drinking, day trading, and House) and they keep sending me offers to entice me back.

Normally I throw them in the trash right away but this one seems almost too good to pass up. Free 3-night stay in a suite "at one of our Total Rewards destinations including Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Bally’s Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas or Imperial Palace."

Some of those are total crap, but Harrah's and Caesars are actually pretty nice. Wondering if I should go and then just put a strict cap on how much I gamble while there -- so that even if I lose 100% of my fun money, I've still gotten more from them than they have from me. Should I go? Or should I not cave in to direct marketing??? I'm also thinking of taking my ex-girlfriend/current friend, as she wants to do a vacation somewhere, but I'm not sure if three days at a blackjack table is really what she had in mind.

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