sofa-m (sofa_m) wrote in thequestionclub,


Someone, recommend me a printer to buy
My old one is starting to die on me, but it's really old - about 10 years old..(Epson Stylus)
Up to now, it's been perfect, I used to print out many, many full-color pages, books for my kids, etc..
My requirement is the ability to manually refill ink cartridges - there's no way that I'm paying full price for a color cartridge every time that ink runs out - I won't be able to afford so much color printing as my 4-year old requests...
So, I need a printer (not scanner - I already have a separate one, no fax - we have no landline, nothing extra fancy). It just needs to print. In color. And let me stick a syringe with color into the cartridge.
It'd be nice to have the 2-side printing feature (I'm tired of printing out all the even pages first, and then turning them over and printing the odd pages on the reverse)
Also, are all modern printers USB-only? Anything new out there that still uses a parallel port?

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