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An Englishman in New York... (Or: survival in America).

So, I'm not actually English, and I'm not going to New York. In fact, I'm Scottish and going to Fort Worth, Texas.

I've never travelled by plane before, and never been abroad before, so I'm understandably terrified by the entire thing. :o)

Does anyone have any particular advice they could give me? I've gone into all sorts of gory details in a post in my journal, but to save people I'll summarise: I'm flying from Edinburgh to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Chicago O'Hare, then O'Hare to DFW. On the way back it's direct from DFW to Frankfurt, then an eight hour wait, then a flight to Edinburgh. O'Hare is scaring me already - any survival tips? Anyone with any ideas on how to kill eight hours in the transit section of Frankfurt? Could I leave that if I went through German immigration?

When I'm in the US, what will I need to prove that I'm over 21? I'd rather not carry my passport around with me - will a copy be fine? I've got an ISIC card... will anyone accept that?

Will I be allowed to take glass bottles onto the plane? I want to take the people I'm staying with a bottle of Scotch, and a bottle of Irn Bru...

Am I likely to have any trouble getting into the country on a visa wavier?

Umm. I think that's it. Thanks to anyone who helps me out with this stuff. :o)
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