isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

I want to make banana bread today. In an effort to make it a little healthier, I'm planning to use applesauce in place of some of the butter, and I also want to add some roughly chopped, toasted oats (not sure if this would be in addition to or in place of some of the flour). Do you think this will be delicious, or not so much? If it matters I also usually add chocolate chips.

What is your favorite thing to cook? Bake?

Do you currently have any gift cards? Where to? What are you planning on buying?
I have some to Kohls, at which I plan on buying some new clothes; Macys, at which I want to buy a French press; and Victoria's Secret, at which I want to buy some Very Sexy perfume

ETA: Is this dress $34.99+shipping cute? I think I love it (I'd prob be wearing it mostly to work) but buying stuff online is such a paaaaain :C

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