Borg Queen (lady_borg) wrote in thequestionclub,
Borg Queen

I am planning a sushi/sashimi Party...but I have no idea what to write for the description...

ideas please?

If it helps my User icon is the event picture.

EDIT:This is ehat I got so far

You see those things in the picture, you cannot eat those...But if you come to my sushi party we can make Sushi and sashimi that you can eat.

So the idea is...Come to my house and bring your favourite toppings, fillings, and we shall make it and then eat it.

Feel free to bring other Japanese foods.

Sake will be available but if you have a favourite please bring with idea of sharing it with everyone

Same goes with green tea

Midori with also be available

Feel free to dress up any way you wish but the dress code is smart casual to formal.

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