la bella puttana (teacuptempest) wrote in thequestionclub,
la bella puttana

I work in a supermarket very part-time and tomorrow (well, today) is New Years Day.

Since lunchtime yesterday I have been feeling really sick (headache, nausea, stomachache), and since 8pm last night I've been stuck in the bathroom. The best part is, I think I ate bad chicken that i bought from my workplace. Hullo irony.

As a casual do I just ring up and cancel as soon as they open? I feel bad because they will automatically assume I am hungover but I barely drink anymore and certainly didn't do anything last night except puke and shit :( I am also considered a food handler so I really don't want to pass this on if I actually do have something contagious.

TQC, what would you do?

DK/DC: When's the last time you called in sick at your job? What did your boss say?

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