Natalie (unwonted) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have $400 to spend on whatever I want and have decided I need an ipod because mine died a few months ago. I plan on starting to exercise again after my 4-6 week post pregnancy is over.

Anyway, what is a good one to get for someone who just wants it for music purposes? I'm out of the ipod loop because I had my last one for 5+ years. I don't need to play games or do anything fancy. My last one was a 5th generation classic 30 gb (I think).  It didn't hold all my music, but I'm not sure I need one as big as a 160gb. I have about 7000 songs in my itunes and a handful of videos.

How many songs are on your ipod/mp3 player?
Do you use music while you exercise? Silence? Something else? 
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