Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi TQC! Has anyone here been hurt in a car accident? (preferably single car)

My SO and i flipped our car on the highway the other day (I was a passenger). We both aren't really injured but I hurt my hand and its been getting worse. Due to having to fly yesterday i am going to see a Dr. about it today. I dont really know what to do though-I use my hands in my job (typing) so its important to me nothing is wrong, but im struggling to type quickly/grip things. The only thing im aware I could do if it becomes an injury would be to sue my SO, which obviously im not going to do...does anyone who's been in this situation know what I should do for the future? Document it through a professional? Write down my experience and keep a personal journal? Go to a doctor regularly (how regularly? when things change?)?

I know it could just go away in a couple days but Ive been told by multiple people to see a doctor after the crash, and I just want to prep in case i need documentation. :)
I'll ask my doctor when I see them but im curious about everyones opinions.

Will you tell me about the car accidents you have been in?
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