oldpinksatin (oldpinksatin) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone know of a therapist in the NYC area (or Long Island) that deals effectively with abuse? I've had a million therapists and I know some of them can suck, so I'd like a recommendation before I pick one off the internet. I have a pretty long history of abuse, but of most concern is a relationship that I had with someone a few years ago who has basically terrorized me since. I want to date again, but I know that I need to learn healthy relationship stuff and I actually think this guy exacerbated my PTSD because now when I think of going on a date with anyone I just hear him screaming in my head. It's troubling. I no longer have any contact with him but I still feel the panic and fear if I think about it. Or any other guys..

Any resources you can recommend would be appreciated.
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