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Need some help

I'm a girl and there is a guy that I work with that I have a crush on. I'd been interested in him for a while, but I have been a little cold toward him until after I broke up with my ex.

As a result, he's responded pretty well and we hang out with each other much more while at work. Long story short, I feel that he's moving in, but with extreme caution. That's probably for two reasons: A) He probably realizes that I broke up with a girl and is not sure if I'm interested in men and B) I might have been giving him mixed signals.

So, my question is: How do you signal to a guy that you're clearly interested in him (but in a normal way).

I usually date girls and make the first move, so this is like foreign territory to me! Also, feel free to ask for clarification since I didn't want to make this post tl;dr.
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