AnnMoeba (lilbratbunny) wrote in thequestionclub,

questions of 2 differnet topics

topic one.
my bf is constantly worrying about his health, and death. he thinks something's wrong or will be wrong with him. he already been blood tested and the doc said he's fine. but he's still worrying.

from my point of view, anything can happen to you any second. but doesn't mean i'm sit around and worry about it. i don't think tell him just to live the moment and 'just don't worry' helps. from what i know, he so scare of dying b/c he has a lot of to look forward to in the future, and he's afraid he won't be able to do those things. i told him before that while he sits here and keep worrying something might happen to him, he'll miss out on the other things that are happening. but he's still worrying. what can i do? what advice do you have for me and him?

topic two.
my teacher called me an "emotional imbalanced kid" and he ended with a "just kidding". i can't help but having this feeling that he meant it anyway. i've been really upset lately in his class b/c it's an ap class and he's not doing his job properly [if more than half of the class is doing bad, then the teacher's not doing the job.]. i don't understand the works, constant tests and quizes he's been giving, and it's really frustrating for me. i cried quite a few times in his class. and what he called me does hurt, do you think i took his comment too seriously?
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