[+...bigger than life in black and white...+] (oneworldvision) wrote in thequestionclub,
[+...bigger than life in black and white...+]

Lots of dinnertime posts, so I guess I'll join in. I'm going to my parents' house for winter break on Tuesday, so I'm trying to use up everything in my kitchen that's open or perishable and save everything else for next semester. With that in mind, what should I have for dinner?

1) Leftover pork chop and carrots. It's the most well-rounded option, but I had this exact meal last night.

2) Pasta and tomato sauce. I do have open sauce, but I could just chuck it and save the pasta for next semester.

3) Chicken nuggets. I don't have anything to go with it as a side, though. Unless I make rice, but it's boil-in-a-bag and way too much for one serving, so I'd end up with leftovers, which defeats the point of trying to use everything up.

dk/dc/make your own important life decisions: What are you having for dinner tonight? What do you wish you were having for dinner tonight?
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