ststepdown (ststepdown) wrote in thequestionclub,

Tqc, I am applying for a few job openings tomorrow, just general retail, cashiering, and one pet nanny. Will you please give me your best tips and advice possible to make applying and interacting with managers and everything go really really well?

If not, how was your night last night?

I went to a dubstep circus, and our car got broken into. 2 homeless men smashed my friends window, but a civilian chased them down and tackled them so nothing was stolen and the police caught them! When we were finally driving home and we had to drive to a CVS and get garbage bags and duct tape. We pulled into a spot right up front, and the car next to us had their overhead light on. We then watched a man use a lighter under a spoon to cook something (I can only assume) and then inject it into his arm. The whole night was absolutely surreal.

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