Isabel Green (sunrisesinrain) wrote in thequestionclub,
Isabel Green

Is anyone here into tarot?

What are the best sites you've found for defining the cards, that weren't too narrow? Do you use definitions at all, or have you in the past, or would you rather go with your gut?

What kind of deck are you using? What is the ugliest deck you've ever seen?

(Sorry if this is too many questions in one post, but I hoped it'd be okay since they're all basically about the same thing)

I am into tarot, I like this site best so far, and I'm not quite at a stage where I can trust my gut. I feel the cards out, then check my answers, haha.

I have a Rider-Waite, it's my first deck and I got it VERY recently. And this is the ugliest deck I've ever seen so far, for a few reasons.
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