Borg Queen (lady_borg) wrote in thequestionclub,
Borg Queen

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This is the layout of the shared space on the second floor of the building I like in.
As you can see my front door is where where the purple line starts and it follow down a corridor to courtyard and then in the inside door which opens up into the living space.
Nobody really uses the courtyard aside from us, we pay the second highest rent(The highest is upstairs) and when we first moved in our neighbour said that he doesn't use nor want to use the courtyard.
He has started using it again and was jsut in it with his GF,
I feel I guess Violated because of the fact of where my front door is and the fact that I feel like that the courtyard is sorta mine(Especially as I pay more rent).
I will be ringing up the landlord on monday and find out who has actual rights to the courtyard is because My partner and I would like to have an outside set up. Not only that the inside door is broken and cannot be locked. its not a prob because of the actual front door but with his back door there its a bit unnerving.

What are you opinions on this?
What do you think we are entitled to?
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