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Black jellyfish

Is anyone familiar with a small (1.5"-2" across), velvety-black jellyfish that's occasionally sold in marine aquarium specialty stores? I picked one up today (I know better than to impulse-purchase an animal I have very little clue about, but I've got a significant amount of experience dealing with inverts in reef tanks in general, just not this particular one), and while I have reasonable ability to take care of it (I do know its diet, light/dark cycles, water chemistry, filtration, etc needs as described by the invert manager and his wholesaler), I'd really, really like to know what it is, since the manager wasn't sure. I've never seen a pure black jelly before.

Whodathunkit? It's hard to photograph a black jellyfish zooming around a tank with a black background at night in a somewhat scratched acrylic tank with a camera that doesn't do even tolerable macro photography. Plz excuse the paper towels that I threw in to the background so you could at least see him.
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