killyalatergatr (killyalatergatr) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey TQC, I need some opinions.

I'm volunteering at an animal shelter and also working on a Bachelors in Imaging (in a nutshell: Graphic Design, Web Design, etc.) and...

I'm kind of interesting in helping out with the web site and the newsletters because to be honest... they could use improvement. Clashing colors, ugly JPG artifacts, differing font styles and sizes, some terribly re-sized images (there's a comic in the newsletter but I can barely read the text), some spelling/grammatical errors, stuff like that.

How do I show interest without possibly coming off as saying "THIS SHIT SUCKS, LET A [SOON-TO-BE] PRO SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE"? I've dealt with people who can't take criticism before and it sucks when they think I'm just being mean/egotistical. ;c;

Do you think it'd be okay to make an improved version of [newsletter, website, whatever] and send that in as an example? I got bored a little bit ago and made a more condensed version of their adoption form (which they have online) that's 2 pages long instead of 3, for example. (I'm one of those freaks who thinks that making forms is fun.)

(And for anyone who's curious about my last shelter-related post, it was okay for me to use my college ID and my birth certificate together. Yay~)

DK/DC/TLDR: Can I see your pets? Tell me about 'em, TQC! If you don't have any, you can post a friend's or relative's pets. Any kind are allowed, not just cats and dogs! (I'll post some too~)
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