Itty Bitty Piggy ♥ (vivalapiggy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Itty Bitty Piggy ♥

let's talk about mucus.

Ok so this may belong over at TMI but here we go.

I've been sick for the past 3 days and my MIL gave me some Mucinex to help break up the shit in my lungs so I don't end up with bronchitis like I normally do each winter. Well, I've never taken it before but she warned me that it would make my nose run like crazy and I would have a lot of phlegm because the point of the medicine was to break it up and drain it out.

I took it last night before bed and I woke up this morning and I could've sworn that I either peed myself or started my period like 2 weeks early. Then I figured, it's thinning out mucus... and I always hear 'mucus membranes' wrt pregnancy and stuff. But I can't find anything about it on any websites after googling 'mucinex side effects'

Edit: I was vague here. I woke up and went to the bathroom because my thighs were sopping wet. I thought I either pissed myself or started my period. It was neither. The liquid was clear and thin, a little sticky and comparable to what is coming out of my nose.

Am I crazy or is this because of the Mucinex?

Has this happened to you before?

Any weird side effects from OTC meds that you want to share?

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