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My dad just got offered a job in South Korea. (We live in England)
I am due to start law school in September in a city an hour away from home. He asked if I would live at home to look after the house whilst they are living abroad, and go to law school in my home city instead. They are two centres for the same school, so the quality is exactly the same.

A) Home city: The fees are higher in my home city, but I wouldn't have to pay rent. The commute to the school is significantly longer, but still not too bad (50 mins each way). There are less opportunities for a part time job in the area. This is still the cheaper option, since I would not have to rent. I have lived in this area for 15 years, and never been particularly fond of it.
EDIT for relevant point: I really loved this school, and the two reasons I chose not to go here was because rent is too expensive, and I didn't want to live with my parents, both of which would no longer be the case.

B) Away city: The fees are less, but I would have to rent an apartment. I was really looking forward to moving here and being in a new place for a new phase of my life. I would be closer to the school (15 mins), and live with other students (for me this is a good thing, as I will meet people). I would have to pay rent. I would be closer to jobs.

Should I go to law school in my home city, or move to the new city?
(My dad can rent out the house if I say no)
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