foogati (foogati) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just skidded the length of my front yard on my stomach (chasing a very, er, energetic puppy we're fostering) and I injured my foot in the process. It's swollen over the top and like, the tiniest bit black and blue. And it's throbbing. I took an oxy but it hasn't kicked it yet. My wife thinks should go to the hospital ASAP. I think she's overreacting and at worst, I sprained it. Plus we already have a million things to do today.

Should I listen to my wife and go to the emergency room, or should I wait and see the doctor if it gets worse over the next few days?

alright I'm going to the ER (the urgent care wing, specifically for sprains/strains/fractures) because you're right i took a painkiller and now i can't gauge the pain or if its getting worse. and i will tell them i took oxycontin although i think it's kinda obvious right now because it kicked in lol.

thank you wife oh i mean tqc :)
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