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Hey TQC!

I got a job at the university library for next year! They rang me up and said they'd email me more information about the job and the training days and such. I haven't gotten the email yet,  and it's been about two weeks. Should I email the woman who called me and ask her about it? I've had trouble sending emails to hotmail addresses with the university email account before. I'm slighty hesitant in case they haven't sent it yet, and slightly scared because I haven't even started the job yet and she's my boss and argh! D:

What was your first job? Did you like it? Anything crazy happen? My friend thinks I'll find a secret passage in my first week and get sucked into an Indiana Jones/National Treasure esque adventure

How's the weather around your place? The towns in my district are flooding, and it sounds like there's going to be more rain tonight, Wagga's getting the schools out early because of the storm coming
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