Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

pics with the jolly fellow

Today, per usual, I was sitting in the school's lobby waiting for my 6 year old to get out of class. They have benches out there and it's usually full of parents waiting and sometimes chatting with each other. I was next to a woman who had a man to her right, they were conversing and he was showing her photos of his kids on his phone. He then told her this story:

He took the kids to the mall to see Santa. They sat on his lap and while they were getting situated, the helper/photographer was dealing with another customer. So while he waited for the helper, the dad snapped pics of his kids on Santa's lap with his phone. Once the helper was done with the other customer, the man told him that they just wanted to sit on Santa's lap and didn't need a photo.

He then started to tell the lady how he got away without paying and he'll just print the pics from his phone. He was being kinda of bragging about it.

Is this okay do you think?

I was amused by the whole thing really and as a parent I can understand that feeling of being nickel-and-dimed or doubt right robbed when trying to partake in fun activities for my kids. I doubt I would have done this though. But I'm not even sure if it's wrong.


Pet pictures with Santa?

Have you ever had your picture taken with Santa?

Did you think that was the real Santa?

Ever pee on his lap?
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