Hannah <3 (crowdish) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hannah <3

My hair has been blue for a while, now I'm trying to put it back to a natural color. I have been washing it out and I used a color stripper, so it is pretty light blue and you can definitely see the blonde coming through. But it is still blue. I want to dye it red, like a nice light auburn. I used to dye it red over my natural color, which is dark brown, without bleaching and it came out fine. The color my hair is now is a lot lighter than my natural color but I'm still worried about dying red straight over the blue.

Hair gurus of TQC, what will happen if I dye the red over the faded blue? I could bleach it first but would that be worth it or would it just kill my hair? What should I do?

ETA: It was only a semi-perm blue dye but I think the brand I used holds a little better than manic panic. The last time I dyed it blue was about two months ago, but it only lasted about a month before it started to get faded and weird, and after the full two months it is a pretty awful color.
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