Novel deVice (noveldevice) wrote in thequestionclub,
Novel deVice

I bought a bunch of glasses and stuff when I moved into this apartment in April. (Some of you may remember my "OMG MY ROOMMATES" posts from the months before that.) Well, I bought Ikea glasses and they are slowly starting to get broken, mostly by guests. I'm down to 4 champagne flutes, 5 wine glasses, 5 water glasses. My juice glasses are still a full set, and my non-Ikea rocks glasses are still fine.

At what point do you start actually replacing glasses, people? Should I wait till I'm down to even numbers?

And what should I replace them with? Should I go Ikea again, or should I start springing for better glasses, which have the advantage of being sold by the piece or pair rather than in "you wanted half a dozen, right?" sets?

And if you are bored by housewares questions, what is the one thing you really hope you get for Christmas this year?
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