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Background: Moonlight Express (MLX) is a service that the City of Ames, Iowa Transit Authority (aka CyRide) has on Friday and Saturday nights, when Iowa State University is in session, from 10:30p-2:30a. Primarily our passengers for MLX are drunk college students, either giving them a ride to their party/bar or from their party/bar home.

MLX is there to get students an alternative to driving drunk, and I would like to say it has been very successful. Every semester our passenger counts have increased, and I do not see that changing soon.

My question to you: does a service like MLX promote drinking? Does having a ride to/from the bars encourage drinking? (this question was posed by one of my drivers, and it intrigued me).

If we removed MLX, would this stop the drinking, or just cause more drunk drivers to be on the road?

Personally, I believe that MLX is a necessity to keep drunk drivers off the roads. College students drink, its in the definition. Not ALL of them will, but a fair number. If we take MLX away, they will still drink and now will drive to the bars/parties instead of taking MLX.

What do you think?


I believe this issue to be similar to the condom issue: does providing condoms to teenagers promote sex, or just promote safe sex? Again, I believe that teenagers will more than likely have sex, and by giving them condoms you help prevent the spread of STD's (namely pregnancy).

What do you think?
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