the_pyre (the_pyre) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brother was looking into buying a truck. It was a nice, newer F250 that was previously used by a guy that owns a landscaping company. The price was set by the KBB. However, the dude selling it wanted to draw up a contract to keep his landscaping company's advertising on the truck indefinitely. The price was not decreased in exchange for this advertising or anything.

I think this dude is a jackass, and my brother is not going to buy the vehicle.

My question is, can this guy even enforce this contract were someone to buy the vehicle? I mean, it would not be HIS vehicle anymore.

EDIT: It gets better, my brother is now telling me that the guy said that the truck was sold, but not the "detailing" (the advertising on the truck) wasn't being sold, so it cannot be altered! LOL
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