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Signing your name.

1. How do you sign your name? Print, cursive? Some combination? Just random lines?

2. Can people usually know what your name is from your signature?

3. When you sign things like credit card slips at a grocery, do you use your "real" signature?

4. Do you sign your full first name or just your initials? Do you include your middle initial/name?

1. I basically just print without picking up my pen. It looks like really sloppy cursive. The "o" in my last name usually gets so scrunched that it looks like an "i" though. And sometimes the "ca" at the end of my first name becomes conjoined.

2. My first name, sure. And my middle name if I use it, but not my last. It's fairly uncommon and easily mispelled to begin with, let alone in a sloppy signature.

3. Yes, I don't see any reason why not to. But my fiance has fun making up new signatures everytime he does it and many people where I work will just write a squiggle that I KNOW cannot be their real signature.

4. Full first and Last on a regular basis. I only throw in the middle name on ID cards because my middle name is usually printed on them.
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