Jax (shadowsync) wrote in thequestionclub,

New carpet Question

Just curious if anyone knows, but what kind of fumes/Chemicals are involved when removeing old carpeting and putting new carpeting down?

I remember when my parents got new carpet in their house we had to have all the doors and windows open, the fans on, and were told to try to be somewhere else for a while so it could air out...which really makes sense. However this week at my work they've been replacing the carpet and we are open 24/7/365 so it could not be helped that people would be there during the process. Unfortunately the buidling has poor ventalation and mostly the air just circulates the building so I've noticed lots of people coughing a lot and the other night I was feeling light headed, had massive coughing, and just a general feeling of illness. No one I've talked to recalls the employees being warned of the renovations and because of strict schedule and shift policies not working is not an option. Basically I'm just curious what all they are subjecting us too cause at the moment I'm in the middle of my weekend and I'm slightly annoyed at having to be sick for it and also know that I'll have to go back to the fumes on Sunday.
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