Buckets of moonbeams in my hand (kmeghan) wrote in thequestionclub,
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I have complained about my downstairs neighbors playing LOUD music at all times of the day three times now.  Tonight, they are playing music so loud that I can hear the words and I know it's that 'ass like that' song by eminem, who I actually like sometimes.  The pictures on my walls are shaking and my cats are flipping out.  My questions is should I keep track of the loudness this weekend, and go to the office again on monday and complain again, or just call the police?  (The police will be called if this goes on past midnight -I have to get up early.)

edit: it did stop around 10:30. and at the end, it was a lot less loud. I could only hear it after I turned off my tv (which was at a normal volume)
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